Edouard Manet - The ham 1880

The ham  1880
The ham
1880 32x41cm oil/canvas
Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries, Glasgow, UK

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From Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries:
Throughout his life Manet exhibited at the Paris Salon or attempted to exhibit there. In 1863 when his Déjeuner sur l’herbe was rejected he included it in the notorious Salon des Refusées. He met Zola and some of the future Impressionists at the café Guerbois but although he then experimented with painting out of doors, and adopted a lighter palette, he never showed at their exhibitions.
X-ray investigation has shown that Manet deliberately painted out various objects in this still-life to make the composition simpler. The ham itself is painted in thin, translucent layers which suggest the bloom on the piece of meat and the texture of the fat and rind. This painting once belonged to Degas.