Georges Seurat - The Bec du Hoc, Grandcamp 1885

The Bec du Hoc, Grandcamp 1885
The Bec du Hoc, Grandcamp
1885 66x82cm oil/canvas
Tate Gallery, London, UK

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Johannes Vermeer - The Girl with a Pearl Earring 1665. It is not a portrait, but a ‘tronie’ – a painting of an imaginary figure. Tronies depict a certain type or character; in this case a girl in exotic dress, wearing an oriental turban and an improbably large pearl in her ear.

From Tate Gallery, London:
Seurat painted this work while holidaying on the Normandy coast in the summer of 1885. He made a study of this motif on the spot, but would have refined and developed the image in the studio. Seurat aimed to place painting on a scientific basis in its treatment of light and colour and, using a style known as Divisionism, juxtaposed small brushstrokes of complementary colours to create a luminous effect in his works. He painted the border on the canvas, but the frame is much later in date.