Paul Cézanne - Photography

Cézanne absorbed many influences, including those of Courbet and Manet, in his early years. In his early works he often imitated Courbet, applying thick layers of paint with a palette knife. He later told Renoir that it took him twenty years to realise that painting was not sculpture. In the 1880s his brushwork became increasingly systematic and ordered. He worked slowly and methodically, selecting subjects he could study for long periods.

Paul_Cezanne 1860s Cezanne at Pontoise P Cezanne & C Pissarro at Pontoise Paul-Cezanne; Camille Pissarro at Auvers Sur Oise
Paul Cezanne
Paul Cezanne in
Pontoise 1870s
Cezanne & Pissarro
at Pontoise 1870s
Paul Cezanne;
Camille Pissarro
at Auvers Sur Oise
Cézanne, studio in Aix en Provence Cezanne 1877 Paul Cézanne 1906 Paul Cézanne 1890s
Cézanne, studio
in Aix en Provence
"At the end of our visit to his studio the master brought chairs to the terrace in front of the house, where there was a splendid view over the city surrounded by mountains. We spoke at length of the beauty of the landscape and the roots which tie his art to this sunfilled country...Smiling, he allows my wife to take a photograph to record our time together.
-Karl Ernst Osthaus, April 13, 1906"
Paul Cézanne